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I was given a love of jewellery by my Mother.

In our family, jewellery is given as gifts for all our milestones and I have continued to be a jewellery collector now.

I have collections of jewellery made by Australian Makers and Vintage Scandinavian Nordic Silver and Bronze.

Although I majored in ceramics at University, I was given the chance to do a minor in Metal, I sadly turned it down due to lack of money to fund the tools and materials.

So jewellery making now, combining my passion and skills with porcelain into adornments, gives me so much joy.

PORCELAIN SMITH is a range of works inspired by my love of Bronze age, Iron age and Roman artefacts.

Making porcelain look metal like and aged.

Also I was born a SMITH.

And I like to think I work hard, like a Smithy.

Making materials change and transform by FIRE.

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