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Green Flower Vessel
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The vision behind my vessels is to imbue the ‘Flower’, organic, spouting, upright and blooming.

They are all ‘depictions of flowers’ in various ways, taking cues from the flowers themselves.

With a flourish of colour, line and texture, they are a decorative feast.

This body of work also signifies my flourishing as an emerging artist in the contemporary ceramics community.

Each vessel is wheel thrown and assembled into there contemporary sculptural forms using traditional techniques.

Great care has been taken to ensure the integrity of the work.

The addition of delicate porcelain, sprouting from the warmth of stoneware creates a strong visual contrast.

Flowers are a constant and reoccurring theme in my work from childhood and underpin many family stories.

My forms are inspired by the ‘British ceramic tradition’ with modernist leanings and hints from Scandinavian and Japanese craft aesthetic.

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