Small Lamina Jug
Image of Small Lamina Jug
Image of Small Lamina Jug
Image of Small Lamina Jug
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Small Lamina Jug

The Lamina Collection - Limited

Lamina- a thin plate or layer.

A Jug that imbues all the warmth of a 70's ceramic cup but with the contemporary spin that comes from a porcelain and stoneware blend.
Flecks from the speckle stoneware are captured in the porcelain as a permanent reminder of the force of the potters wheel.
The moment of completion.

This Jug has been decorated with a pink slip wash and pink inlay line decoration.

These Lamina wares are a tactile experience, there textural exterior contrasts nicely with the smooth glazed interior.
The jug handle is poised just so, balanced and easy to hold, with a delicate lip, a gentle pour.

Dishwasher, top shelf or hand wash.

Height 950 mm
Width 920 mm
Handle length 43 mm
Handle width (largest point) 30 mm
Capacity 300ml

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Small Lamina Jug