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Woven Disc Jewellery-Step by step instuctions (PDF)
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Woven Disc Jewellery.
On purchase you will be emailed a six page instructional step by step PDF, on how to create small scale woven discs for jewellery and small sculpture applications.
This PDF includes photos, descriptions, suitable materials and handy tips.
This is not an automated download so please allow time for me to directly email you the PDF, via my Dropbox account to your nominated email address. (Consider time zones)
Please ensure you can access Dropbox, before purchase, thankyou.

This PDF may be used for personal purposes.
The PDF must not be changed or altered in anyway.
The purchaser has my permission to use the knowledge gained from this PDF to teach workshops but not to distribute the PDF freely to their workshop participants, please direct your students to purchase it here, for their personal learning.

Please note: this PDF does not cover bead and tassel fringe application, these skills will be covered in a later addition.

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